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Having a loved one in prison takes a toll on everyone in the client’s life.  Having practiced criminal law for almost twenty years, I understand the emotional toll that criminal charges and incarceration take on a client, their family, and friends. 

While my goal is to secure the release of every client I am entrusted to represent, there is more to my services than that.  


I not only want my clients to be returned to their loved ones, I want them to go on and have fantastic and fulfilling lives.   

From the moment a prospective client calls my office, I will explain the parole process in detail.  


The entire scope of representation is transparent, that is, I describe each step that will be taken from being retained until the parole vote.

There are other attorneys that can represent your loved one for parole.  However, I believe that my experience, education, and training make my services top-notch in every respect.  

These are just a few reasons that separate me from the rest:

1. Accessibility.  

One of the biggest concerns that clients relay to me is that they can never reach their attorney. That does not happen at my firm.  I can always be reached to discuss your loved one’s case. Whether it be by email, phone, or an office visit, I am happy to discuss with you your concerns. If I am not available when you call, please leave a message. I pride myself in always calling everyone back by the end of the day, even if that means after hours.  

2. Personal attention.  

I will work on your loved one’s case from beginning to end. I believe that there simply is no substitute for a face to face interview with my clients. It is imperative to learn their story, history, and version of events so I can understand what led them to prison. I prefer to do everything in person. I visit every client at their county jail or prison unit. I spend the day with my clients learning their entire life. When my client’s case is ready to be voted on by the Parole Board, I make a request for an in-person interview with the lead voter on the case. I often ask family and/or friends to accompany me to this meeting.   In my opinion, there is simply no substitute for an in-person meeting. And I NEVER charge extra to visit a client or appear in front of the Parole Board.

3. Listening.  

My client interviews usually take five or more hours. In fact, my clients are often exhausted at the end of the interview.   Why does my interview take so long? It’s simple. I want to know more than just the Who, What, Where, When, and How.   Anyone can ask you basic biographical questions about your life. However, I like to dig much deeper. As singer-songwriter Don Henley says, I get “to the heart of the matter.”


In my two decades of practicing law, I find that most of my clients have had significant trauma in their life, usually during childhood. This usually revolves around issues in the home such as divorce, custody fights, domestic abuse, or parents who use drugs. It could also come from external forces like bullying in school or undiagnosed learning disabilities. This trauma commonly manifests itself later in life.  For example, many of my clients have substance abuse issues. Many of them also need treatment. However, until we “unlock” the reason for the substance use, the treatment will likely fail. Experience has taught me that substance abuse is normally used to cover up for prior trauma. Many clients have reported that I was the first person in their life who asked why they used drugs! During my interviews, we usually discover that the childhood trauma served as a catalyst for the actions that led to arrest and later incarceration. By identifying the trauma, we are able to trace back patterns and behaviors that may have been going on for many years. I can’t tell you how many clients have learned 10, 20, or 30 years later the “real reason” that led them to prison. It is in these moments, that we are able to devise a plan for not only parole but a successful life on the outside.

Feel free to contact my office and I’ll be happy to talk with you!

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