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If you have parole law questions...



Sean David Levinson

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law/Yeshiva University, LL.M.


Northern Illinois University, J.D.

Arizona State University
B.S. Business Management
B.A. Broadcasting

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

  • Member-Board of Directors 2020-present

  • Member-Parole Corrections Subcommittee 2019-present



State Courts

New York

Western District, Texas
Northern District, Illinois
Northern District, Indiana

I have devoted my career to defending those accused of criminal charges. While previously at the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender, I had the opportunity to work on the full array of criminal cases. I have represented thousands of clients accused of traffic offenses through Murder.


I have tried 100’s of cases in both jury and non-jury trials. My experience at the Public Defender’s office taught me the valuable lessons of thinking quickly on my feet, balancing multiple projects, and working under pressure. I confront all challenges with relative ease and a cool, calm demeanor.

My vast experience trying criminal cases will be to your benefit. My extensive litigation skills give me insight into how to prepare an effective and persuasive argument for your release on parole. Due to my reputation as a skilled lawyer and advocate, I am a frequent speaker at legal conferences.

I was born in Skokie, Illinois and raised in the Chicago area. I now call Austin my home. In my free time, I enjoy scuba diving, attending live concerts, and going to the park with my Yorkie, Indiana Jones.

My passion for the law is fundamental: treat each client with respect and dignity and make sure they are fully informed as to the options they have. Everyone deserves an attorney who will fight for them.

When considering hiring a parole attorney you deserve the very best. Your freedom depends on it! Call me today for an evaluation of your case and how we can help.

Speaking Engagements

Comal County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

  • Parole Revocation Hearings: There’s No Glamour in Going Back to the Slammer - March 2020

  • Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Parole* (But Were Afraid to Ask) - February 2020

Del Rio Association of Federal Attorneys

  • I Got 99 Problems but Parole Ain’t One - February 2020

Navarro County Bar Association

  • ABC’s and 123’s of Parole Law - January 2020

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

  • Parole Revocation Hearings: Education to Avoid Revocation - November 2019


Panhandle Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

  • Parole Revocation Hearings. Back in the Slammer: The Parole Revocation Hammer - May 2019

  • Prison, Parole and the Panhandle - April 2019

Williamson County Bar Association

  • Pardon Me – Let’s Talk Parole - March 2019

Williamson County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

  • What Criminal Defense Attorneys Need to Know About Parole Revocation Hearings - April 2018

  • Parole Issues in Texas - August 2017

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

  • What Criminal Defense Attorneys Need to Know About Parole - January 2018


Corpus Christi Bar Association

  • Revocation Hearing Basics - October 2017

  • Parole Issues in Texas - September 2017

Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education

  • Coached small group workshop on Direct/Cross-Examination and Opening/Closing arguments, Surviving Your First Jury Trial - May 2012

  • Served as a juror in a mock criminal trial, DUI Advocacy Academy - March 2012

  • “Criminal Defense Pre-Trial Motions”, Defending Criminal Cases Seminar - October 2011

  • “Strategies and Defenses in Actual Physical Control cases”, Actual Physical Control Issues (APC) in DWI/DUI cases (video recording) - December 2010

  • "Creative Uses for Discovery Subpoenas and Pretrial Motions to Suppress”, 5 Key Aspects to Defending a Narcotics Charge Seminar - April 2010

  • Served as moderator, Successful Defense of DUI/DWI and Summary Suspension Cases -  July 2006

Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • “Strategies and Defenses in APC Cases”, Winning: Blows, Stops, and Whistles Traffic Law Seminar - May 2011

Cook County Public Defender Nutshell Training Programs

  • “Criminal Defense Pre-Trial Motions” - September 2012

  • “Narcotics Caselaw Updates”  - September 2011

  • “Using 911 and Law Enforcement Automated Data Systems (LEADS) in DWI/DUI trials”  - September 2010

  • “Using 911 and Law Enforcement Automated Data Systems (LEADS) in DWI/DUI trials“  - September 2009

  • “Issues in Defending DUI/DWI cases” - March 2008

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