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Parole Representation

Inmates who have served a certain percentage of their sentence may be released on parole before their sentence is over. Parole is a privilege and not a right.  It is important to know that although an inmate is eligible for parole, he or she may not receive it.  Board of Pardons and Paroles reviews over 80,000 cases a year to determine who shall be released.  


I personally visit with each and every client at their prison unit to conduct a lengthy and comprehensive interview regarding their case. I believe that there is simply no substitute for meeting my client and speaking with them face to face.  A typical interview can last between 5-8 hours.  It is essential for me to meet my client and discuss not only their case but their entire life.  It is imperative that I discuss with my client not only what led them to a prison cell, but what happened in their life to lead them down that path.  Bad things sometimes happen to good people.  To prepare a strong presentation to the Board, I must know the entire person and I believe that can only be done by an in-person interview. 

A number of factors are involved in determining who shall be released.  They include:


Current Offense

Criminal History

Disciplinary Conduct

Substance Abuse Issues

Family Support

Education/Job Training

Post-Release Plans

I can assist with you and your family with creating what is commonly referred to as a "Parole Packet".  This packet is actually not really a "packet" at all.  It is a large volume of documents that are carefully presented to the Board.  A typical presentation of written materials that I submit to the Board is approximately 80-100 pages in length.  These documents may include:


  • Support letters showing family ties and community support

  • Photos of inmate and family

  • Documentation of enrollment in programming, certificates, GED, college courses, etc.

  • Employment opportunities upon release

  • Personalized and detailed Executive Summary with a passionate request for release on parole

Included with these documents is an Executive Summary with a detailed and passionate request for release on parole. 


After these documents are submitted to the Board, a request for an in-person meeting with the lead voter of the parole panel is requested.  In my request for an in-person meeting, I normally ask for a family member or close friend to accompany me to the meeting at the Parole Board.

I am available to handle Parole matters throughout the State of Texas.


Call my office to discuss how I may be able to assist you in Parole matters.

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