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Parole Revocation Hearings

In Texas, once an offender is released to parole or discretionary mandatory supervision, they remain under supervision of the TDCJ-Parole Division until their sentence expires.  When an offender is processed out of the prison unit, they are provided with the conditions of their release.  All offenders will have some conditions applied to them.  The basic conditions include things like maintaining gainful employment, reporting to the parole officer, living in an approved residence, random drug testing, etc.  Offenders may have additional "Special Conditions" such as Electronic Home Monitoring, Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, or Ignition Interlock devices on their vehicles. 


Once on parole, an offender who is alleged to have violated the terms of their release may be subject to a warrant for their arrest and subsequent hearing.


Unlike in criminal court, a parolee is not guaranteed an appointed lawyer for the Revocation Hearing.  Therefore, it is crucial to have aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation for these hearings.  A well-planned and effective legal strategy is vital to avoiding parole revocation.  I handle Revocation Hearings throughout Texas.   Please call my office to learn more about representation for these hearings.

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