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Parole Voting Options

When the Parole Board votes to release an offender on parole supervision, it is not simply a yes or no vote. In most instances, an offender must complete a program PRIOR to being released. In fact, last year 60% of offenders who were granted parole had to complete a program prior to release.

Approval Voting Options:

FI-1: Release the offender when eligible.

FI-2 (Month/Year): Release on a specified future date.

FI-3: CHANGES/Lifeskills, Voyager, Segovia Pre-Release Center (Segovia PRC), or other similar program.

FI-4: Sex Offender Treatment Program (4 Months)

FI-5 In-Prison Therapeutic Community Program (IPTC) and then release to aftercare.

FI-6: Transfer to a DWI Program and release to a continuum of care program.

FI-6R: Pre-Release Therapeutic Community (PRTC), Pre-Release Substance Abuse Program (PRSAP), or In-Prison Therapeutic Community Program (IPTC), or other similar program.

FI-7: Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI)

FI-9: Sex Offender Treatment Program (9 Months)

FI-18: Sex Offender Treatment Program (18 Months)

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