Practice areas

My emphasis in the law is representing clients before the Parole Board.  I also handle criminal cases in state court..  These are just a few of the areas of law that I can assist you with.  Call my office to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns.


I have a passion for defending DWI cases. I have represented hundreds of clients with DWI and related offenses such as Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Reckless Driving, and Fleeing and Eluding the police.  I am a frequent lecturer to Legal Education Seminars where I share my passion and experience in successful defense of DWI cases with other lawyers.



Family Violence


Charges involving assault with family members must be taken very seriously.  It is important to note that family violence cases do not alwasy include blood relatives, they may include roomates and boyfriend/girlfriend.  Such cases often involve orders of protection and other conditions of bond.  


Misdemeanor & Felony Cases

There are many other charges that I have successfully resolved.  I can assist you with representation of many other types of criminal cases including theft, burglary, and conspiracy charges.

Probation Revocation Hearings

If you have been placed on probation or community supervision as it is commonly called, you may have had some restrictions or conditions that you must abide by.  If a petition to revoke has been filed, please call my office and lets discuss your options.​

Driver's License Suspension

​Conviction of a DWI and/or certain drug offenses may suspend your driver's license. There may be a way to obtain an occupational permit to allow you to drive to work or school. I can advise you whether you may be eligible to obtain such relief.


Drug Possession


I have represented hundreds of clients charged with possession of drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, and marijuana.  Many times these drugs are found during traffic stops or pursuant to a search warrant of a home.



Parole Hearings

Inmates who have served a certain percentage of time in prison may be eligible for parole. Many factors come into play when deciding whether somone shall be released early.  It is crucial to begin preparing documents well in advance of the Parole Eligibility date.



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