Sean David Levinson, Esq.

I have devoted my career to defending those accused of criminal cases. While at the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender, I have had the opportunity to work on the full array of criminal cases.  I have represented thousands of clients accused of traffic offenses to the most severe criminal charges.
My experience at the Public Defender's office taught me the valuable lessons of thinking quickly on my feet, balancing large caseloads, and working tough under pressure.  I confront all challenges with relative ease and a cool, calm demeanor.
My vast experience trying criminal cases will be to your benefit. I have tried over 25 criminal juries to verdict and dozens more before the court in bench trials.  I have also prepared and argued well over 100 pre-trial motions and hearings.
I also have experience retaining, preparing, and presenting expert witnesses at trial.  I have retained experts to dispute mental health fitness for trial, statements made after blunt force head trauma, accident reconstruction, and alternative theories of injuries.
Due to my reputation as a skilled lawyer and advocate, I am a frequent speaker at legal conferences.  
My passion for the law is fundamental: treat each client with respect and dignity and make sure they are fully informed as to the options they have.  Everyone deserves an attorney who will fight for them.
When confronted with a criminal charge, you need someone who will fully investigate the charges against you and explain all of your options.  Call me today for an evaluation of your case and how we can help.

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