State alleged that clients vehicle swered 9 times across lanes of traffic and hit a median.  Client was observed to have a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, slurred speech, and a staggered gait.  Client also failed 4 field sobriety tests.  9 cans of beer and a bottle of liquor were found in the vehicle.


Jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Success Stories

Over a decade of experience in providing legal counsel.  These are some results from prior cases

Traffic Offenses-DWI/DUI

State presented evidence that client was pulled over for improper turn.  Officer reported that client had very heavy odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, extremely slurred speech, and poor balance.  A couple of open beer cans were found in the vehicle.  Client failed 4 field sobriety tests.


Judge found client NOT GUILTY!

Officer testified that client was sitting behind the wheel of his car while drinking a beer on a hot summer day.  He had a strong odlor of alcohol on his breath, bloodshot eyes, and poor balance.  He failed 4 field sobriety tests.  He took a breathalizer test which revealed a BAC of .17 (in excess of twice the legal limit).  


Jury deliberated for 50 minutes and returned with a VERDICT of NOT GUILTY!

Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver




Officers testified that they intercepted 2 packages sent via UPS which contained over 20,000 grams of cannabis. They then placed a tracking device to the packages which were then delivered by an undercover officer. Later, when device sounded, officer stormed the house where client was observed opening one of the packages.


Judge found client NOT GUILTY!

Criminal Drug Conspiracy/Delivery of a Controlled Substance



Client was alleged to have sold narcotics to an undercover officer in exchange for pre-recorded funds. Officer testified that he later made incriminating statements linking him to drug crimes.  

I filed a successful motion to suppress statements which was GRANTED by the court.


At a subsequent trial, Judge found client NOT GUILTY!

Attempted Murder

Client was accused of shooting man 3 times at "point-blank range during a party.  Within days, victim identified client in a photo array.  Weeks before trial, victim gave a taped statement that client did not shoot him.  On day of trial, however the victim changed his story again and identified client as the shooter.


Judge found client NOT GUILTY!


Client was charged in a "cold-case" murder.  His alleged accomplice pled guilty and received a 20 year prison sentence.  At trial, his "accomplice" testified against him.


Jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Failure to Register

Client was charged with failure to register as a sex offender pursuant to mandatory registration.  Officers testified that they went to his registered home on multiple occassions but were not able to make contact with him.


Jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault/Aggravated Kidnapping

Multiple witnesses testified against client.  After State rested its case, the Judge dismissed the Aggravated Kidnapping charges.  In our case in chief, I presented an expert witness, a medical doctor, to dispute the cause of the victim's injuries.  At the close of the evidence, the Judge found the client guilty of only misdemeanor charges.  


After filing and arguing post-trial motions, the Court REVERSED its ruling and acquitted client of all charges!



Disclaimer:  These are outcomes from prior cases.  No results can be guaranteed.  Possible outcomes are dependent on the details of your specific case.

Unlawful Possession of a Weapon

Client was approached by officers while sitting in passenger seat of parked vehicle.  Officers observed the smell of burnt cannabis and a "leafy substance" on his pants.  They then ordered him out of the vehicle wherein officers testified that a gun fell out of client's pant leg.


After filing a Motion to Quash, the Court ruled in our favor and charges were subsequently DISMISSED!

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Client was seen carrying a pizza box in a high-crime neighborhood.  Police officers ordered client to show his hands.  Client complied and thereby dropped the pizza box.  Police officers subsequently opened the pizza box which revealed narcotics.  


I filed a Motion to Quash the arrest based upon a violation of client's 4th Amendment rights.  


Motion was GRANTED and charges were later DISMISSED!

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